Wednesday, May 20, 2009

World of Tunes Review

This time around I'll be reviewing the music game, World of Tunes from Com2Us. Retailing at 1.99$ in the app store.


Once upon a time, the Tuneys lived in harmony, but one day some evil aliens came to their planet and stole the music!! Now the Tuneys need you to help them bring back the music and restore their World of Tunes!! For any other game, this quirky little tale would be a complete failure, but for World of Tunes it works perfectly. The game doesn't take itself too seriously like other games such as tap tap revenge. And that's what makes playing through it such a fun and refreshing experience. The story will make you laugh as you tap along to the quirky soundtrack.

There are a total of 4 stages in the story mode, with each stage having 2-4 levels, with the last one being a boss battle. The bosses in this game are just as quirky and fun as everything else, they dance behind the screen as you tap away at the Tuneys. The bosses will also use their special power on you, each of the 4 bosses has a special power. These range from blowing fire on the screen which you have to clear with your finger, to firing missiles at you which you have to tap before they reach you. The boss battles are really fun.

Overall the story is quirky, fun, and will probably keep you smiling the whole time.


World of Tunes is a color-packed 2d world like nothing Ive seen on the iphone before. The art style is beautiful, and of course as quirky as the rest of the game. Everything just pops off the screen, and it'll have you wide eyed and amazed. The animations are just as fun to look at and cool as the rest of the game, especially the bosses, its so funny to watch these guys dance on the screen and get more tired and tired as you come closer to finishing the level.

Everything about the presentation just works, there is no downside.


What can i say, the game once again blew me away. The soundtrack is an up beat, techno-pop thrill ride. You've got a wide variety of songs to chooses from and tap to. But this time there is a downside, the music all comes from the pop or techno genre, if you don't like pop or techno then there's really nothing you can do. The sound effects are just as quirky and as the rest of the game.

overall, the soundtrack is upbeat and reminds me of the music in Pokemon games, but since pretty much all the songs are techno or pop, the audience might be limited.


World of Tunes switches up the o-so-overused formula that most mobile music games incorporate. Instead of tapping notes that come down to you on a straight line, the notes(in the form of the game's tuneys) jump up at you, your objective is to tap them at the right moment(when they glow). However there are several kinds of tuneys, the normal tuney which you tap, a balloon tuney that you have to tap 3 times(it bounces up every time you tap it), and a scratch tuney which you have to scratch until it becomes a normal tuney. there's also tuney that must be dragged through musical pathway. Hit Enough of the right notes and you'll initiate fever time, which allows you to build combo points.

So the game really does bring a lot of new things to the table. there is one issue however, the menu button..this little button in the bottom left corner is nicely hidden, but if you do manage to tap it there's no way to resume the game. Seriously, your only option is to restart the level, there's no way to pause the game..WTF? But don't worry, there's no way you will hit the pause button unless you want to, because this little baby is tucked away from the play area.

There are 4 modes to choose from: Story mode, Free mode(which allows you to play any of the missions), DJ mode( this is an easier mode where the tuneys fly up in a straight line and you have to tap them as the reach the line), and finally Crazy mode.

DJ mode

In Crazy mode the tuneys fly out of nowhere, they just jump around and you have to tap scratch or drag them, its extremely difficulty and adds a lot of replay time.

one more thing, don't let the cartoon graphics and fool you, this is a challenging game, i highly recommend you watch the following tutorial video before starting it up on one of the 3 difficulties.


This Quirky little game will have you laughing as you tap to an upbeat soundtrack, the boss battles are a lot of fun and it brings a lot of new game play elements to a generic genre, it also provides a variety of different modes that add a lot of replay value. I cant give it a 10 because of the lack of a resume button, and also the lack of musical genres incorporated.



Fun, quirky, and it'll keep you coming back to watch those well animated bosses dance on your idevice screen. Think Elite Beat Agents meets Pokemon =)

Full Version

Lite Version

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