Friday, May 15, 2009

Need For Speed Review

About a week ago, Ea's street racing franchise made its way on to the Appstore. After a few delays and a year in development is it worth the wait.....well your gonna have to read this review to find out.


Need For Speed Undercover's Story is the same as its console counterparts. You are an undercover cop who must make his way into the street racing crowd to take down a gang that’s boosting cars. The game's cutscenes are presented in live action, much like need for speed most wanted, but with Maggie Q as your operator. The Cut scenes are extremely well done, although a little Cheesy......okay VERY CHEESY. That’s fine though because the mission mode is an octane filled high-speed adventure. As you make your way through the street racing scene you’ll participate in eight different race modes including knockout races, sprint races, and you'll even get to steal cars. The way that works is you start off with the required car which you were assigned to steal and you must make it to the end of the road (presented by a line with a car icon moving along it) without totaling your car. This is easier said than done, with the cops on your tail and the high speed traffic it’s a real challenge to stop your health meter from reaching zero. There are 24 total missions which can be replayed over and over again. You get to drive 20 different licensed cars.

need for speed shop


Hot cars, hot girls, and a whole lot of speed, that’s what the need for speed franchise is all about, and Need for speed Undercover has got it all. You use the accelerometer to drive, touching anywhere on the screen brakes. Swiping down with one finger activates your speed breaker which slows down time to help you make those sharp turns, swiping up gives you a burst of Nitrous Oxide. No need to worry about hitting the gas because need for Speed takes care of that with auto accelerate. You can upgrade and buy cars by going into the garage; cars can be upgraded visually by adding rims, custom paint jobs, vinyls, and a body kit. Performance wise you can upgrade top speed, acceleration, nitrous and handling. There are 3 stages for each of the performance upgrades. How much you pay depends on the stage and the car you’re using. One cool side note is the way you customize your car's suspension: in Need for speed you swipe up or down to bring your car's frame higher or lower, its pretty cool. There is no control calibration but the controls work really well anyways.


Need For Speed continue to impress, with amazing graphics with complex textures and high polygon count. Everything from the cars you drive to the environments you race through looks amazing. Visually Need for speed is the best Racer on the app store. This game looks and feels like a console title, minus the gas button.

need for speed screen


The in game sounds are amazing, the street din, the sound of your engine roaring, or the horn on an incoming semi, it all sounds amazing. There’s also some pretty sweet music in the soundtrack but if you aren’t really feeling' it then you can listen to your own music while you play.


Need For Speed Undercover excels in every area...well almost. The gameplay is fast, smooth, and extremely fun. The game is great to look at, and there’s a variety of races and cars to collect and upgrade. The only downside is really cheesy cuscenes, but hey Maggie Q is in them, and it’s better than anything else the Appstore has to offer...ahem ahem Capcom.

Overall a masterpiece, it feels more like a console game than an idevice game. Very Highly Recommended. You’re getting a 60 dollar game for 9.99$



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