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Resident Evil Degeneration Review

Resident Evil Degeneration Review


You play as a secret agent Leon Kennedy, sent to Rescue a group of survivors Trapped in an airport full of zombies. The Story is told through in-game cut scenes that utilize the game engine, however there are no voices. The game also make use of timed button presses during the cut scenes, much like Hero of Sparta. The game very loosely follows the plot of the movie. Resident Evil Fans will recognize characters such as Claire Redfield, or the G-virus mutants. But newcomers to the series will have a hard time trying to figure out what is going on, and why there's a guy with a gas mask trying to sell you guns. The missions in this game are quite repetitive, most require you to find id cards and open doors, or go retrieve something. However there are some boss battles, but they don't really stand out. The game's Story starts off okay but it never really takes off, i never found myself immersed in the tale of Resident Evil Degeneration. Its also missing the puzzles commonly found in resident evil games. There is also a mercenary mode which you unlock after beating the campaign, mercenary mode pits you against the zombie horde in an area of your choosing, and this adds to the replay value but not by much.

Overall the story isn't bad, but it isn't all that good either. Its more tailored towards Resident evil fans.


Capcom really nailed it with the presentation. The games menus are easy to navigate and the start up screen is really great to look at. Resident Evil really sets the mood for a good scare. The Airport is dark and gloomy, and really quite great to look at as you creep through the corridors and rooms. The whole game takes place in the airport. Which has about 5 floors, with lots of rooms to explore. In terms of the environment Capcom really brought the Resident Evil vibe to this game. But Degeneration does have its flaws, while the character model for Leon is pretty good the rest of the characters are a mess, low polygon count and all. There's also issues with the camera, it stays fixed behind Leon's back unless you go to shoot or knife. This becomes an issue when you back up to a wall and your view becomes completely obscured by the character's head or the wall behind you. Speaking of backing up into walls, the game does a really good job of making you feel claustrophobic. The airport is full of small narrow corridors with many doors on the sides. My personal favorite is the crashed airplane you go into with its red flickering lights, and broken chairs with debree really impressed me.The zombies look great too, and the airport is crawling with em =D. The frame rate stays smooth most of the time, although the game did seem to stutter during a save or checkpoint. But other than that it ran perfectly fine.

Overall it has the resident evil vibe, Zombies dark corridors and creepy little rooms. The poor character models and camera issues are a nuisance but don't really take away from the game's scare factor. The Presentation is very well done


There's really not much to say about this game's gameplay. Its genuine Resident evil, clunky controls included. You use a virtual analog stick to move around, you hit a button on the left to enter aim mode, the analog stick then allows you to aim, flicking the analog stick all the way to the left, right, up, or down will let you do a quick shuffle in that direction, the aim buttons also turns into the fire button. However the shuffle doesn't always register which could lead to some frustration. There's also a button that puts you into knife mode, no explanation needed. There's also a button that puts you into knife mode, no explanation needed. There's an action button which you use to climb ladders, jump through small openings, collect items and vault over things. You tilt the idevice forward then back to reload, you also shake the device to push zombies off of you. The controls can be inverted or mirrored, placing the analog stick on the left or right. Resident evil fans wont mind the controls, but for everyone else it'll take some getting used to, and even then they don't work all that well.

One thing that really bugged me was the range of your weapons, the weapons don't shoot very far, and you almost have to run into a zombie's line of sight to shoot them. The zombie's AI could also use some work, sometimes they'll just walk right by you without batting an eye. There's a variety of weapons in this game, from your basic handgun to Uzis. They can be bought and upgraded from the merchants. You'll also find money and little trinkets around the airport which you use to buy these weapons and items. The trademark resident evil Herbs are also laying around for you to find.


The lack of voices is disappointing, however the music really works well with the horror theme and the sense of hopelessness and gloom. it also changes according to the situation, as your walking through the halls you'll hear sad gloomy melodies, then if you encounter a zombie it'll switch to faster paced chase music . The sound effects are decent but they don't really stand out. The zombies all have the same growl.

Overall this is a good game with a few issues that keep it from being great.
The setting and the soundtrack really work well. And you actually feel like your on your own trying to survive. The level design also works well with the rest of the game, the resident evil feel is here, not doubt about it.

However the story is uninspiring, the controls are clunky and its missing some things from other Resident Evil games.

If your a Resident Evil fan, and/or survival horror fan i highly recommend picking this one up, as it is currently the best survival horror game on the app store. But if your not a fan of the genre or the name then there's probably other games you'd enjoy more for 6.99$.




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