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Caster Review

Alright, so this is the first ever review on what will be a daily review site for iphone and itouch apps and games.Today i will be reviewing a new game, which Ive spent quite some time with; and will continue to enjoy for days to come.

Caster is a 3rd person free-roam shooter for the iphone, itouch, and computer. i will be reviewing the idevice version so lets get started!!!


In Caster you control a young member of the Caster clan, your given the task of ridding the "midden regions" of a "flanx" infestation. The story isn't really all that deep, your pretty much thrown into the world of "midden" fighting weird bug like creatures. Those of you looking for an enchanting storyline wont find it here. The missions vary from search and destroy missions to orb collecting missions. However, Caster also has its share of WTF? moments, for example when you shoot withering trees in this game they come back to life, we dont know how or why but they do.

The story mode is too short, you really start to get into the world of the game and then it ends. But this shouldn't be a problem, as this is only episode one of a multi-episode game, and the new episode are free!!

Bug go boom!!


Where caster really shines is in the environments, and the world your fighting in. The environments in this game are truly amazing, they vary from lakes, to rolling hills, to rocky lava filled crevices. That's not to say there isn't repetition, but your having too much fun to notice. What really amazed me was the lighting and the weather effects, such as thunderclaps that light up the entire map. The particle effects and character models are also top notch.

Ahh lazers!!!

Overall Caster is a beautiful game, with vibrant colors, special effects and environments.


Caster is truly unique in terms of game play, the first thing you notice is the sense of speed you get while playing this game. Dashing is extremely fun, you zip around the map running up walls, and over water while trying to dodge the 20 or so projectiles flying at you, the feeling is insane.
You'll have access to six different weapons, initially you only have the basic blaster weapon that can be upgraded to fire faster, but as you progress through the 15 missions you'll find different colored spheres which unlock new weapons. The weapons vary from auto seeking missiles, to a defensive shield of lazers. There is also a weapon that allows you to raise the ground to create mountains that rise up and damage your enemies. On the flip side there's a weapon that allows you to destroy the ground, leveling mountains, or just blasting the ground under your enemies dropping them into a pool of lava. Other weapons also do damage to the environments . The enemies you face also vary, from melee attackers that chase you down to massive missile launching worms. Each enemy requires a different strategy or the use of a different weapon.

For example on one level you fight a group of melee enemies that are immune to your normal weaponry, so to kill them you have to destroy the ground under them and drop them into the lava. There's also an rpg like level system where your use orbs (which you get from killing enemies, or finding them around the level) to upgrade your character. You can upgrade your health bar, your dash speed, your super jump distance and orb collecting distance. In addition you can also upgrade any weapon you currently have.

uh oh..


The controls take some getting used to, can you remember how awkward it felt the first time you picked up a console controller? That's the feel you get when you first dive into caster. But 2 hours into the game and you'll be playing like a pro. The controls are as follows, you aim by moving your finger on the right side of the screen, and fire by tapping or double tapping . You can also tap an icon on the bottom right which brings up a circle menu to select your weapon. Tap the jump button to jump and double tap to super jump. Slide your finger on the left side to move and double tap to dash, don't get it? Don't worry there's a tutorial level . You can also adjust your aim sensitivity and invert the x-y movements.


The techno soundtrack really works with the caster vibe, and helps to immerse you in the world. Weapon sounds also work well. However one thing that bugged me was the sound of the enemies, they all sound like cockroaches. But that's just me being picky, chances are you wont even notice what the enemies sound like because you'll be too busy trying to kill them.


Overall this is a very fun game, just give it some time and i guarantee you'll love it, fun game play, great visuals and environments, and a great soundtrack to boot. Sure the enemies all sound like cockroaches, and the story isn't all that deep, but nothing on the app store can really beat the intensity and speed of this game, all while running smoothly with no lag or frame rate issues. For 4.99$ this is a steal!!!


Highly Recommended

caster full version

lite version

That's it for the first review, don't forget to leave comments, if you want me to review an app or game just post a comment or email me at cya later!!!

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