Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ibop Review

Hello again, today i will be reviewing Snakehead Software's Ibop retailing at .99$ in the appstore, first off let me just say that this app cannot be considered a game. Its more like a way to kill time, and as a result this review wont be conducted in the same way as my other reviews.

lets get started!


Ibop is a bop bag simulator, you are given a 3d bop bag stuck to the floor of a 2d room, you select one of 17 weapons and tap where you want to hit the bag, you tap the side arrows to switch weapons. The weapons vary from old school boxing gloves to throwing high heels. each weapon makes a different sound when it hits the bop bag, it also has a different impact force. for example a sledge hammer will send the bag swing back, while an egg will give it a little nudge. The bop bag can also be customized, you can chose from several different bop bags, or you can import one of your pictures and wail on a buddy or that teacher you love to hate. There's also the option of putting your image on the top part of the bag (to simulate a head) or on the entire bag.

The game does what its designed to do, kill time. The variety of weapons and the customization of the bop bag add some replay value, but ultimately your just taking a wack at a bop bag...over and over again. theres nothing special here.


Snakehead really didn't try too hard here, the only thing that is in 3d is the bop bag, and the bop bag physics are cool. But the environment is just a yellow room that doesn't change, and the weapons themselves are just..well pictures. that's right, when you throw a toaster you don't get any animations or anything, a pic of a toaster will fly at the bag and hit it, that's all. The special effects like when the eggs or tomatoes splatter onto the bag...well just as mediocre as the rest of the game. The residue from a thrown tomato doesn't even appear on the bag, appears as a splat on your screen and then fades.

Overall, mediocre; the effects are unapealing, and the weapons are just pictures, plus theres a little bit of clipping when you throw an object at the sides of the bag. Nothing great about it.


theres nothing special about this game, and unless your a diehard bop bag simulator fan( im not sure if there are any) then i gues you would at least find this amusing. But for everyone else there's really no reason you should buy this over any other .99$ app, do yourself a favour and save your money.




This app doesnt do much wrong, but it doesnt do much right either, the bop bag customization is pretty cool, and the variety of weapons adds a little replay value. But everything else is mediocre. There's no reason you should pick this up over something like pocket god or flight control.


lite version

full version

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