Monday, May 11, 2009

Flight Control Review

Hello again and welcome to the 3rd official review here on Iphone reviews daily. Today i will be taking a look at Firemint's "Flight Control" priced at .99$ on the app store.


Flight control is a puzzle game, you play as a flight controller as the title suggests. Your land as many planes as you possibly can.


The game presents you with some impressively smooth visuals, the art design and the colors mesh well. It doesn't do anything too flashy but the overall look and feel works very well with the rest of the game.


The one and only objective in flight control is to land as many planes as you can without any of them colliding with each other. Flashing exclamation marks appear on the sides of the screen indicating that a plane/helicopter/bush plane is coming from this direction. Once the plane appears on the screen you direct its flight path by touching the plane and drawing a line indicating where you want it to fly, the planes also turn white when you draw them a path leading to a landing zone so you know which ones to pay attention to. You have 3 landing zones- a landing strip for normal planes and airliners, a helicopter pad for helicopters, and another landing pad for bush planes. As planes come dangerously close to each other, they begin to flash red indicating that they're on a collision course.

The game starts off easy and slowly gets harder and harder, with more planes coming in faster and clouding up the screen. After you land about 50 or so planes the action really heats up. But its not just about drawing paths, you have to consider the speed of the plane your directing and how its movement might hinder any planes that come in later. The larger boeng-class airliners are much faster than normal planes, while helicopters are extremely slow and bush planes are faster than helicopters but slower than planes. This creates quite a challenge especially in the later levels where you get 5 or more airliners on the screen, then the game throws slow moving helicopters at you.

While the game play is simple it just doesn't get repetitive, it's EXTREMELY addicting. The online ranking system and high scores will keep you coming back again and again, there's some serious replay value to this game. Flight control is also great for playing with friends, whether your bored in class or just hanging out, just pull out your itouch or iphone and challenge your friends to beat your high score.


The music for the game works well, and there is the option to turn game sounds off and listen to your own music (which i think most people will would prefer anyway) so all is good.


If you have .99$ you MUST get this game, its got a great feel, with smooth relaxing graphics and a simple premise. But the action can really heat up, and things can get pretty competitive once you got a couple people playing. The replay value of this game is unlimited, your gonna keep playing until you hit the #1 spot on the leader boards, and even then you'll come back to beat your high score.


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