Sunday, May 10, 2009

Defend Your Castle

Up next, Defend Your Castle by Xgen Studios. This game is the iphone port of the wii-ware title, which was a port of a flash game...yikes.


You have a castle, defend it..what more could you want. But all joking aside this game doesn't need a story, it wouldn't make sense if it had one.


What's really cool about this game is the art design. The game is in 2-d, but everything in it looks like a real object. The castle is made from cardboard, the stickmen have crayon-drawn bodies, and buttons for heads. Even the spells you cast are things like erasers and spray cans. It gives the game a very artsy feel.

The stickmen themselves have really smooth animations, and the character models are artsy just like everything else. One nice little thing is the sun actually rises and sets indicating the start/end of a round.

Overall, good vibe and the graphics and art style work really well.


Pretty much the same thing as the wii title, you flick stickmen into the air, they land and go splat..rinse and repeat. I reached level 27 and so far there's only 3 types of enemies, regular stickmen, stickmen with Popsicle sticks, and the big stickmen, I found that a little disappointing. You can purchase a "conversion pit "which converts the bad stickmen you drop into it into allies. Then you can train the allied stickmen to become archers, demolition men, repairmen or spell casters. With each class having its own corresponding tower to purchase, the more stickmen you train in a tower the higher the level of the tower, indicated by the blue heads popping out of it. For example the more casters you train the higher the level for the spell casting tower, each level gives you access to a new spell such as the eraser or spray can. You can go through the game on one of 3 difficulty settings, but there's really no reason to keep playing unless you wanna kill more stickmen or beat your old high score.


The sound for this game is well done, the spray can and eraser sound real. The sounds for the stickmen are decent but repetitive, you'll hear the same splat, scream, and banging sounds over and over.


For .99$ this is a great game, it does get repetitive quite fast but you'll be coming back for a few minutes of fun every now and then. If your a fan of the genre, or the flash/wii game you'll probably wanna pick this one up. If your expecting a completely new game then you'll be disappointing. But the artsy design is a cool addition.

Great game, but it gets repetitive and there's really not much incentive to keep playing.


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